The most powerful reframe plugin. (Discontinued)

Reframe360 allows you to define up to 20 cameras upfront, and then simply animate between them with a fader. Feel like a DJ. But with cameras instead of discs!

GPU Accelerated
Reframe360 uses NVIDIA® CUDA® and OpenCL™. AS 360 degree footage is often bigger than 4K, we take full advantage of your GPU power.

Reframe360 is compatible with both Adobe® Premiere® Pro and After Effects, as well as DaVinci Resolve as an OpenFX Plugin.

Windows & macOS

Reframe360 is available for Windows (CUDA® & OpenCL™) as well as for macOS (OpenCL™ only).

Output in 4K and more

The Performance of a modern GPU is easilly sufficient for 4K In/Output. On our mobile 8GB GTX 1070 even 8K was processing without problems (although slow).

Automatic Animation Smoothing

Reframe360 has a parameter that enables you to uniformly choose the curve shape of your transitions with a single slider.

Motion Blur
Reframe360 can eliminate distracting stuttering effects that occur on quick panning transitions by applying a very organic motion blur with arbitrary shutter angle.


The development of Reframe 360 has unfortunately been stopped due to time reasons. It has been open-sourced though, so if you are a developer, feel free to get the code here: and here:

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